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sup lj

"long time, no post" and so on, y'know.

i've been spending most of my last month in krippes bed playing minecraft and sims 3 at the same time on different laptops while he's been playing wow.

this week i went to school on monday, got enough and went on a three day booze binge with melinda. today when i woke up my shelf which contains all my material possessions, except my clothes, had fallen over. no fucking idea how. as the cherry on top, my keys were somewhere under that mess, but i found them now so i'll be able to go and buy some cigarettes and cheese.

the reason why i'm even updating is because i'm alone at home, sober, aka bored, which is extremely rare (mainly the being home part, don't worry). i'll probably make pasta and watch gossip girl or frasier because if i leave there's an alarming chance the only way i'll come back is past 4am, shit smashed and in a cab i can't afford.

howeverrrrrr! krippe's having a gig tomorrow at nosturin alakerta. so if anyone's in helsinki and without a destination for some friday fun fun, i warmly recommend sparkly boy band pop (don't be put off by their dumb name, btw).

i'll end this with a charming pic of myself:

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