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thank goodness krippe knew this song bcuz it's kept getting stuck in my head for days after every visit to dtm.

on friday i had a 90s themed party. nobody ever takes pix at my parties(!!!1 :((( ) so don't have any pix of it. on second thought, i never have pix of anything except my own face really, now do i? oh well. it was nice.

i need to get a new piercing but i have no idea where. this is causing me great misery.

some recent camwhoring:

and oh well, i guess i'll just have to admit it. like most of the internet, i've pretty much abandoned lj and switched to this. in case you're interested in frequent bad quality pictures of me with the same expression but changing clothes (damn fine clothes, in my defense).

ohhhh and, on wednesday i was photographed to hel-looks again. it'll be published later 2nite. pretty sure i look like a total dork because i had 10 minutes to dress up and do my make up that morning but oh well. AT LEAST SOMEONE STILL THINKS I'M STYLISH!!!!!!1
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